IPotty and iPad Tot Seat Ignite Controversy: Brilliant or "Destructive"?

Fisher-Price "drool-proof" iPad seat and CTA iPad potty stand draw sharp criticism from some         (more…) cloudfone 705w The Cloudpad 705W and the Samsung Tab 3 have some similar specifications. The main difference is their price. The Cloudpad is priced a couple of dollars below the Globe Telecoms’ having their own Gadget Bundle Promos, with CloudPad 705w and CloudFone 352g offered for FREE on a 24-month lock-in period at Globe’s Best Ever My Price List 2014: Cloudfone Single/Dual/Quad Single, Dual and Quad Core Android Phones Specs and Price List for 2013 Cloudpad 705w Specs 7-inch display WVGA (800x480) capacitive display Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 1GHz single-core AllWinner A10 processor related: what, specs, cloudfone, Mobile Price Watch - blogspot.com Looking for affordable Android smartphone below 2K? Try this ICE 350e. Find out its full specs, features and price here! Cloudpad 700w: Full Specs, Price and Availability in the Philippines

Microsoft Surface: 5 Tablet Features That Trump Apple's iPad

In a radical shift for Bill Gates' 37-year-old software company, Microsoft unveiled a tablet in Los Angeles on Monday. The "Surface" aims to be a direct competitor to Apple's iPad, sporting a form factor that's thinner than Apple's tablet, and