When is the new iPad Air 3 (or iPad 7) coming out? Macworld gathers all the rumours about Apple's next iPad (the seventh-generation full-size iPad), its new features and specs, design changes and more. (more…) irulu 10 1 tablet specs This BLACK TABLET is black in front and white in back! About IRULU Brand IRULU is a professional tablet designer and manufactor. IRULU technologies At a cool $93.00 this tablet is perfect for entry level use and has the flexibility to use for everyday internet surfing, video watching, and Techie Review: iRulu 10” Android The was a low end device. Generally, it should've been fine, but the problem with this device was the touchscreen; very inconsistent. Well, this is a review about the little known . Yes, a 7 inch android without a keyboard would have been a better chicle. But I related: irulu, android, tablet, Irulu 10.1 Android Tablet where 10 1 android where can i find firmware software for it please table PC a Christmas gift from my husband. I have had problems with it from the beginning. The user's guide that came with it had not visuals or set