Intel and Asus put the dual boot in, offer 2-in-1 lapslab WinDroid

See that Windows laptop? Now it's an Android tablet... CES 2014 Intel is attempting to knock rivals' SoCs off with a dual-boot platform that lets you flip between Windows 8.1 and Google’s mobile operating system on the same device.… (more…) irulu tablet 7 inch wont boot up Promoted item:iRulu 7" Android 4.03 Capacitive Tablet PC Dual Cameras 4GB A13 1.2GHz WiFi+3G MID 7 inch Android 2.2 VIA8650 ePad Tablet PC 3.0MP Camera, Supports External 3G Modem+WiFi+RJ45+Two Point Touch Screen+Flash 10.1 - Mid 7 Inch Android 2.2 Android Tablet 10 Dual Core Promoted item: 10.1" Android 4.2 PC Dual Core A20 1.5GHz 8G/1G Bundle 10" Keyboard using bluetooth on restoring os tmax why network is not working after resetting on a tmax digital 9" TM9S775 a727 7" anroid related: directions, android, tablets, TABLET Hier nun die Aufzählung aller Kombination für welche wir im Internet recherchiert haben. Die Liste ist zwar bestimmt nicht vollständig, aber deckt schon Nook HD Kindle Fire HD Nexus 7 Kindle Fire; PRICE: $199: $199: $199: $159: SCREEN SIZE: 7.0 inches: 7.0 inches: 7.0 inches: 7.0 inches: SCREEN RESOLUTION

Why I won't buy this year's iPad

I'm eager to upgrade from my old iPad 2, but the new iPad Air doesn't wow me enough to convince me to shell out my hard-earned cash. (more…)

New tablet boots Ubuntu Linux, Android, and Windows 8

We've seen several Linux tablets emerge over the past year or so, but examples with triple-boot capabilities are much less common. Enter the Python S3, a tablet released on Monday by Italian Ekoore that can boot three operating systems: Ubuntu

Defiant Cain says he won't drop out of GOP race

Under rising pressure from fellow Republicans, presidential hopeful Herman Cain sought to muddy the reputation of one accuser, forcefully denied any and all allegations of sexual impropriety and vowed Tuesday the growing controversy would not drive him from the race