The Fuhu Nabi 2 is not only a great kid-friendly tablet, it's a solid Android tablet in its own right. (more…) nabi wifi wont turn on Out of nowhere my bluetooth and wifi will not turn on. When you go to slide over to wifi on and slides back to off. I have a Droid Maxx and the Wi-Fi Click wifi and slide turn on lol that simple if it don't work get to the Genius Bar folks even though they just google it: P lol:) Windows 8 Wifi Wont Turn Not sure if this will still be useful to anyone, but something similar happened to me when I was upgrading the drivers for windows 8 compatibility. "Airplane mode on" means the wifi is active, that's what this mode does, it turns radio transmissions to and from the computer on and off. Your related: wifi, wont, turn, Samsung galaxy note 3 with Samsung galaxy note 3 with interesting WIFI fault . Wifi won't turn on can't turn on WIFI 1: Forcibly Reboot the iPhone to Fix Most Wireless Issues. You can force any iOS device to restart by doing the following, this can sometimes