Starmobile Engage 9i - Atom + Android

Starmobile launched the Engage 9i a few months back along with the Diamond X1, the company’s first octa-core smartphone. Like the Diamond X1, the Engage 9i is also a momentous product for Starmobile, as it … Read more starmobile engage 9 review Breaking . Vivo Y55 arrives in the Philippines, priced at Php7,990; Firefly Mobile GT50: 5-inch IPS Display, Quad-core, for only Php2,699; Starmobile UP Starmobile Mobile Phones price list 2016 for sale in philippines. You can check various Starmobile Cell Phones and the latest prices, compare cellphone STARMOBILE Phone Philippines - STARMOBILE Phone Philippines Phones for sale at 2016 Price List Best Brands Latest Phone Online s Whenever a holiday celebration is right around the corner, we techies can always look forward to super deals, discounts and promos for sought-after devices. related: starmobile, knight, luxe, Starmobile Knight - Quad Core Knight features a crazy duo of cameras. The main camera is an 18 MP shooter while the front facing camera comes at 8 MP both with Autofocus and Xenon XPad 7 – Design and Hardware. The Xenon XPad 7 looks like the Xenon XPad 10, only smaller of course as it has a 7-inch display instead of the 10.1

Local firm releases own Android tablet

After its impressive launch in the Philippines, local maker of quality dual SIM mobile phones Starmobile makes another stellar headway as it introduces its Android series—starting with the Engage 7.0” tablet and the Astra 4.3” … Read more

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Welcome to our iPad Air review. Our iPad Air review includes: everything you need to know about the iPad Air, the iPad Air’s specs, features and physical design, speed tests, price and buying options.

Review: LG G Pad 8.3

When you talk about tablets, it’s easy to think of the iPads, Galaxy tablets, and Kindle Fires of the world. But what about LG? Though the company’s mobile devices may not be household names, we’ve … Read more

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Ah, to review the iPhone 5; what a blessing, and what a curse. It’s actually funny to think that there was a time not that long ago that the iPhone wasn’t …