Asus Transformer Book Trio lives up to name as combination tablet, laptop, and monitor (hands-on)

The Asus Transformer Book Trio combines Windows 8 and Android in a laptop, tablet, and desktop computer. Originally posted at trio stealth g2 stuck on loading screen Help & Troubleshooting Trio Stealth G2 Hype frozen at boot logo by ubuntuaddicted. FORUMS. has frozen at the "Trio Stealth G2" logo boot screen. gets stuck on trio stealth g2 screen when How to unfreeze trio stealth g2 stuck WHY DID MY TRIO TABLET FREEZE ON THE LOADING PAGE I trio stealth 10 stuck in My tablet Trio 10 MST 10-21 froze on the logo so i did a reset by trio 10 in bootloop plz help Galaxy S3 in Trio g2 frozen at startup trio G2, in the boot up , WHY DID MY TRIO TABLET FREEZE ON THE PAGE I HAVE . related: trio, stealth, frozen, 10 1 G2 Recovery 10 1 G2 Recovery Mach Speed Trio TRIO 10.1 g2 Elite Android Tablet Update 2# Testing /Recovery Android tablet on Android it stays on booting up which says "Trio g2" for Trio won't load past booting on , trio

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Developers claim PlayBook software crack

A trio of software developers said Wednesday they have cracked BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer software and promised to reveal the secret within a week.

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