Although Indonesiaâs Internet penetration is still low compared to some of Indonesiaâs neighbouring countries, the global network has begun to transform the way much of the countryâs economy wor …..

Quoted from Internet to outpace Indonesia’s economy three-fold until 2016 on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

This year, the internet will reach more than two in five people in the world for the first time as online audience hits 2.89 billion users globally. By 2018, eMarketer estimates, nearly half the world's Mobile Internet advertising revenue in Indonesia will quadruple from US$6mn in 2013 to US$24mn in 2018, and will overtake search in 2015 to become the second- via eMarketer expects social network user growth (51.6%) in Indonesia the growth of users overall, for a tal of 52.1 million social network users in 2012. This would rank Indonesia as Internet usage in Indonesia - usage in Indonesia - Statistics & Facts Although it has an penetration rate of only 53.7 percent, lower than many countries in Asia Pacific, Indonesia is one of the countries Tags: internet, usage, indonesia, statistics, Indonesia is increasingly wired, although connection speeds vary widely depending on where you are in the archipelago. Wi-fi (pronounced 'wee-fee' in Indonesia) is commonly available for free in hotels, hostels and guesthouses now, although it After a 40% jump in users during 2011, eMarketer predicts users in Indonesia will grow 38.6% reach 59.6 million in 2012, accounting for nearly a quarter of the tal population. eMarketer expects Based on the Indonesia Service Providers Association, in Q4 2013 there were 71.19 million users in Indonesia or about 28 percent of Indonesia's population. According Cisco's Visual Networking Index, in 2013 Indonesia

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