WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats on Wednesday signaled a willingness to drop a proposed surtax on millionaires, but remained at odds with Republicans in efforts to extend an expiring payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans. Obama discussed abandoning the surtax, which Republicans have denounced as a levy on “job creators,” at a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other top Senate Democrats at the White House, party aides said. …

Quoted from Democrats mull dropping millionaire surtax on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

WASHINGTON -- After months of arguing that millionaires should have to pay their fair share for the costs of the president’s job bill, Democrats are pois Senate Democrats are considering dropping their proposed tax surcharge on millionaires if Republicans agree to eliminate two of their proposals from legislation to extend a payroll-tax cut, a If there was any sign of progress, it was that Senate Democratic leaders met with President Obama on Wednesday to weigh whether to drop their demand that the $120 billion payroll tax cut be paid Obama, Democrats weigh dropping millionaires Obama and fellow in Congress are trying to find a way to pass the payroll tax extension in the face of stiff Republican opposition to the s surtax. Tags: obama, democrats, weigh, dropping, keeping Senate in session overnight. A group of Senate are talking about forcing the Senate to stay in session overnight to protest Republican opposition to a bipartisan President Barack Obama and Senate on Wednesday discussed abandoning efforts to impose a surtax on s to help pay for extending a popular payroll tax break for workers, a Senate Prosecutors, who compared with a extended wait, said a four-to- six-week extendable was not uncommon given the time Stanford’s attorneys had needed to give to his recent experience hearing.

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