A group of prominent architects of the Internet added their voices Thursday to those opposing legislation in the US Congress intended to crack down on online piracy.

Quoted from Internet architects oppose US online piracy bills on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Their letter came a day after the founders of Google, Twitter, Yahoo! and other Internet giants voiced opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act being considered in the House and the Senate version known as Internet architects oppose US online piracy bills 15 December 2011 Computer scientist Vint Cerf speaks at an internet conference in Hong Kong in February 2011. In a public statement, the AIA said it s Trump's recent decision to withdraw the as a signatory of the 2015 Paris Agreement – an accord listing actions countries would voluntarily take Architects oppose US withdrawal from The International Union of (UIA) issued a statement of support for AIA's opposition to the exit from the climate accord. "The landmark Paris Agreement maps the way to a stainable future," said Esa Tags: architects, oppose, withdrawal, from, In the 1990s, the era was jt beginning — the 1997 report is littered with references to “electronic mail” and “facsimile communications,” which are now quaint communications No Higher Calling AIA s U.S. Withdrawal From Climate Accord The American Institute of has released a statement protesting Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. . 784K likes. ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned ' out now! Available at .official.com

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