Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is no longer the world’s most-used browser, according to a Web analytics firm. But its replacement isn’t a different version of IE: It’s Chrome, Google’s upstart Web browser.

Quoted from Google Chrome beats Internet Explorer 8 on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Google's Chrome beats Microsoft's Internet Explorer to emerge top browser on desktops:Report. Watch the full video to know more insights Subscribe to Times O The Most Popular Browser on Earth. There was a very interesting article published on Business Insider about Google Chrome beating Internet Explorer to become the world’s most popular Internet browser: has beat explorer for the first time. Now there are 32.5% user and 32.1% explorer user. But some days ago Firefox was the top browser according to user count. Chrome Beats Internet Explorer In HTML/Text (Photo: Yes/No) (At the moment, only Text is allowed ) Message Text: 's browsers are now the most popular in the U.S., according to new research from Adobe. Tags: chrome, beats, internet, explorer, It’s been a while coming, but it would appear has secured its place as the number one web browser in the world. According to StatCounter, overtook Explorer during has beaten Microsoft's Explorer as the most popular web browser worldwide, for the first time. has beaten Microsoft’s Explorer as the most popular web browser worldwide, for the first time. According to the latest stats from StatCounter now leads the web browser market with 32.76 percent

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