(Reuters) – Congress, after months of bitter fighting, is poised on Friday to pass a payroll tax cut extension that President Barack Obama argues is vital to the health of the economy. The legislation would continue for two months a 4.2 percent payroll tax rate that otherwise would expire on December 31 and ratchet up to 6.2 percent for 160 million American workers. “I congratulate members of Congress for ending the partisan stalemate,” said Obama. …

Quoted from Congress poised to pass payroll tax cut deal on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

The 59-41 vote was a bipartisan repudiation of Trump's decision to circumvent Congress and take money already designated for other programs and redirect it to pay for his U.S.-Mexico border wall, which he promised to President Donald Trump is facing a double-barreled rebuke from Congress this week, setting up the first vetoes of his administration and showing cracks in his ability to maintain unity among “Democrats and Republicans both know the sad truth: The president did not declare an emergency because there is one,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. Trump issues first veto after " has the freedom this resolution," Trump said, "and I have the duty ve it." A dozen defecting Republicans joined Senate Democrats in approving the joint resolution on Tags: trump, issues, first, veto, U.S. President Donald Trump has said he will override on the border emergency bill that was ed in the Senate Thursday after ing in the House of Representatives. The vote marks the first defeat for efforts repeal Obama-era environmental standards since Trump became president. The House voted overwhelmingly on Thursday a measure calling for the Justice Department release special counsel Robert Mueller's report the public, an effort increase pressure on

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