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Chris Wade, the intrepid dev behind the DingleBerry PlayBook hack, has turned his attention to new device. One that occupies the exact opposite end of the size spectrum -- the MOTOACTV. So you had a great day yesterday and received the MOTOACTV watch for Christmas. Well it looks like your Christmas is going to get even better because Chris Wade, the gentleman behind the Just this past week I was speaking with my colleague Cory about how I'd wondered if anyone would take the time to root the , what with its 1.6-inch MOTOACTV Rooted, Market access granted: Search titles only. By: Search Advanced search… Tags: motoactv, rooted, market, access, ; ; ; ; ; ; ; / ; Turn off your device. Hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together on your device and it’ll boot-up into fastboot mode. Plug in your device to your PC. The tool should automatically flash an insecure hack PlayBook Android Market Chris Wade root Motorola Android -- 1.6 OMAP 3630 600MHz 256MB RAM

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