The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is disputing the assertion that a Canadian man gained entry into the U.S. by only using a scanned photo of his passport on his iPad.

Quoted from US says Canadian man didn’t gain entry on iPad on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

A Canadian man convicted of terrorism for nearly killing a Michigan police officer while yelling "God is great" in Arabic was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, after boldly declaring that A judge in Alberta, Canada, ruled on Monday that the war crimes sentence of a Canadian man formerly held at U.S. military base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has expired, making Omar Khadr a free man. Police in the state of Colorado have launched an internal probe after an officer detained a black holding a rubbish picker in front of his building, reports say. Footage showed the Man found guilty of using A court has convicted a of ing his mobile phone while driving – even though the device was dead and stowed away in his vehicle’s glove compartment. Tags: found, guilty, using, phone, police say a pretending to deliver a package ed a concealed crossbow in an attempt to murder a 44-year-old wo. The incident occurred in November, Peel Regional Police said Monday. Joshua Boyle condemns ‘stupidity’ of kidnappers and he hopes to build sanctuary for family after five-year ordeal The Latest: sentenced to life in airport attack A who was convicted of terrorism for nearly killing a Michigan airport police officer has been sentenced to life in prison

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