Belkin has new 802.11n wireless router range

Belkin new 802.11n wireless router

Belkin is an old hand when it comes to wireless devices as well as other computing peripherals, and this time round they have a new range of 802.11n wireless routers for you to choose from, basically with a handful of models to suit just about any needs there are out there. These new wireless routers feature fun and powerful applications, and comprise of the Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max Wireless Routers which will allow you to play music, games, and HD videos while sharing photos and enable wireless printing from just about anywhere in your home.

Belkin has specially designed such applications to enhance your wireless experience, where they are a snap to set up while keeping you online with the most optimal connection always. For instance, the Self-Healing app will automatically detect and resolve network problems while running routine maintenance scans in order to provide you with the clearest wireless channel. All Share, Play, and Play Max Routers will come with the Print Genie application which enables one to wirelessly print from any computer on the network in your home, while Memory Safe will perform an automatic backup your photos and files to an external hard drive (needless to say, you will need to pick up the external hard drive by yourself) so that you can be sure all your digital memories are archived in a prim and proper manner.

The use of advanced Dual-Band N technology in Belkin’s Play and Play Max Routers are more than capable of providing the best speed and performance. Simultaneous networks will eliminate interference while enabling you to optimize performance for media-intensive activities, including streaming HD movies, gaming online, and downloading large media files for those who love Torrents. As for apps that are available on the Play and Play Max routers, you will be more empowered by your music more than ever before. Music Mover will play your whole music library on a range of smart devices including the Xbox 360 or PS3, where creating your own tunes is but a touch away. The Daily DJ app will unveil daily personalized playlists to stay in step with your current mood. Prices range from $79.99 to $129.99, depending on the model of your choice.

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