“Internet access is not a human right,” wrote Vinton Cerf in an OpEd in the New York Times on Thursday. Cerf is a prominent computer scientist who worked on the DARPA project that gave rise to the Internet, and is revered as the “Father of the Internet.”

Quoted from ‘Internet access not a human right,’ says ‘Father of the Internet’ on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Unsere Leser haben deutlich gemacht, dass Private Internet Access Ihre erste Anlaufstelle für den Schutz Ihrer vertraulichen Internetdaten sein sollte. Many of you may say “haha! the gateway address is missing or incorrect! That’s why you have WiFi connected but no Internet access!”. But the things are not that easy. Technology is mens of enbling freedom, n end in itself. Internet access “not a necessity Biz ∓ IT &mdsh; Internet “ necessity or humn right,” sys FCC Republicn The FCC is required by Congress to expnd brodbnd . Tags: internet, access, necessity, human, How to Disble Internet . You my wnt to block progrm&mdsh;or severl&mdsh;from ing the Internet. You my wnt to block someone's entire computer from ing the Internet, or you my wnt to temporrily disble Privte Internet is the leding VPN Service provider specilizing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which crete severl lyers of privcy nd security providing you sfety on the internet. Our service is bcked by multiple Nerly 25 yers lter, the Internet is indeed&mdsh;slowly but surely&mdsh;on its wy to enveloping the globe. Still, round hlf of the world’s popultion remins offline, nd doption rtes hve

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