MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) – On the cusp of a widely expected victory in New Hampshire, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney struggled to repel attacks on his business record on Monday as rivals in the U.S. presidential race tried to weaken him before a tighter vote in South Carolina. The former venture capitalist did himself no favors in the homestretch to Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary with remarks that sounded like he enjoyed firing people – and rivals were quick to seize on his choice of words. …

Quoted from Romney wrestles with GOP attacks on corporate past on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Rachel Maddow draws parallels between a professional wrestling "bad guy" whose schtick is being obnoxiously wealthy and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney who doesn't seem to recognize when he Political revolutions leave chaos in their wake. Republicans cannot shut down their presidential nominating contest because the party is in the midst of an upheaval wrought by the growing dominance But centrists are wary of any leadership deal the Freedom Caucus. Some Republicans think a potential solution is to merge the healthcare reform measure and the tax-reform bill. While the Big white - YouTube Skip navigation Tags: white, youtube, RNC 2012: Mitt speech to convention (Full Text) Full text of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt ’s remarks to the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30 in Tampa , as prepared 2016. The 's plan to turn Hillary into Mitt . Republicans will try to paint her as an out-of-touch plutocrat who lives in a world of private planes and million-dollar homes. has three older siblings, Margo, Jane, and Scott. Mitt was the youngest by nearly six years. His parents named him after a family friend, businessman J. Willard Marriott, and his father's cousin, Milton "Mitt"

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