But Romney is still some distance from being able to put the race away. South Carolina, where Republicans vote on Jan. 21, will be a pivotal contest.

Quoted from After New Hampshire, Romney is in position to win on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Primaries. New Hampshire held its primaries on January 10, 2012. The state is historically the first in the nation to hold presidential primaries, and moved its date up from February after Florida moved its primary Mitt Romney paraded through two diners, a hardware shop and a feed store in New Hampshire on Tuesday morning, continuing his offensive against President Obama. MANCHESTER, N.H. — a double-digit victory in Tuesday’s Hampshire primary, Republican front-runner Mitt said Wednesday that he will continue to focus on the economy rather than After New Hampshire, Romney is MANCHESTER, N.H.--Mitt 's 16-point victory over Ron Paul in the Hampshire primary provided a big boost for his candidacy as the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination heads to South Carolina. is Tags: after, hampshire, romney, position, The first GOP primaries in the 2012 race have delivered an emphatic win to millionaire Mormon and former Massachusetts governor. The circus now moves to South Carolina, where 's opposition Mitt , the former governor of Massachusetts, has reinforced his position as the Republican front-runner - likely to face Barack Obama - in November's presidential election. Real Deal Ready for Prime Time Hampshire Primary. In Mitt solidified his status as the pragmatic choice with the best chance of beating Obama, says John Avlon.

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