But Romney is still some distance from being able to put the race away. South Carolina, where Republicans vote on Jan. 21, will be a pivotal contest.

Quoted from After New Hampshire, Romney is in position to win on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Romney, WV (26757) Today. Thunderstorms likely. A few storms may be severe. Low around 45F. History. Established by consecutive acts of the Virginia House of Burgesses and approved by the governor on December 23, 1762, Romney and Mecklenberg (later renamed Shepherdstown), in Jefferson County, are the oldest towns in West Hampshire County. Lying just to the west of the great Valley of Virginia, Hampshire County, West Virginia has a rich and varied history. Once home to numerous tribes of prehistoric native Americans, the area was Best States to Live statistics Full list from Hampshire to Mississippi. Weighted average for all states: 25.5. Tags: best, states, live, statistics, HAMPTON, Hampshire – When Donald Trump took his brash brand of conservatism to this summer beach town on Friday night, it wasn’t your typical Hampshire political event. Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld announced Monday he'll challenge Donald Trump in the Republican primary, citing the President's divisiveness and penchant for governing by crisis. Willard Mitt (Detroit, Míchigan, 12 de marzo de 1947) es un empresario y político estadounidense. Fue gobernador del estado de Massachusetts (2003-2007) y candidato republicano a las elecciones presidenciales de 2012.

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