The annual Consumer Electronics Show ended Friday, leaving gadget lovers with visions of a “Matrix”-like world in which the Internet surrounds them no matter where they go.

Quoted from CES gadgets bringing the "Matrix" to life on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

CES 2018 - IGN has all the hottest upcoming electronics, gadgets, TVs, games and more direct from the Consumer Electronics Show It’s become almost second nature to accept that cameras everywhere — from streets, to museums and shops — are watching you, but now they may be able Reporting on all latest cool in ongoing quest for coolest gadget CES Partylist | The ultimate ultimate list of hottest parties and events at 2018 in Las Vegas. Tags: partylist, ultimate, list, 2018, 2017: What to expect at biggest tech trade show of year TVs, drones, and self-driving cars invade Las Vegas isn't exactly a launchpad for Android gear, but re were still some cool announcements this week. Here are eight that might have flown under your radar. Let me show you most promising new , sensors and wearables in medicine presented at biggest tech event of year, 2017.

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