The annual Consumer Electronics Show ended Friday, leaving gadget lovers with visions of a “Matrix”-like world in which the Internet surrounds them no matter where they go.

Quoted from CES gadgets bringing the "Matrix" to life on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Razer's gaming laptop with three screens. At CES 2017 last January, Razer's triple-screen laptop won the internet. (We have the numbers to prove it.) New gadgets get lots of hype at the annual tech trade show CES. But trends such as voice computing and augmented reality will be more significant. Samsung announced numerous new products across several categories at 2018. most notable highlight of se products was integration of Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby on to CES 2018: everything you need 2018 is a wrap, folks! show that brought us a week's worth of gadgety goodness is saying so long to Las Vegas. If you want to see best of best from Tags: 2018, everything, need, know, Come meet Amazon Alexa team at 2018. Held annually in Las Vegas, is leading event for global consumer electronics market segment. Alexa Highlights from 2018 Since 2014, Amazon Alexa has delighted customers and inspired hundreds of thousands of developers to build with voice. Start at Levelone for all your gaming, tech, giveaways and entertainment

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