GILBERT, South Carolina (Reuters) – With the crucial Republican presidential primary in South Carolina just hours away, longtime front-runner Mitt Romney is acknowledging what some opinion polls are suggesting: He could lose Saturday. The idea that the former governor of liberal Massachusetts may not win the primary in a state where conservative evangelical Christians make up about 60 percent of Republican voters isn’t that surprising. …

Quoted from Romney lowers expectations in South Carolina on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Now that polls project Newt Gingrich has surpassed Mitt Romney in South Carolina, Romney is lowering his expectations. Jan Crawford reports on Romney's poor debate performance and his jump start --As we get ready for the first Presidential debate, both candidates lower expectations about their own debate performances. :// Now that polls project Newt Ggrich has surpassed Mitt South Carola, is lowerg his . Jan Crawford reports on 's poor debate performance and his jump start Florida. Hours before key primary, Romney With the crucial Republican presidential primary South Carola just hours away, front-runner Mitt on Friday lowered for how well he will do and acknowledged he is a neck Tags: hours, before, primary, romney, /r/Politics is for news and discussion about U.S. politics. a memo sent to surrogates today, senior adviser Beth Myers sets the for Republican presidential nomee Mitt low - very low - compared to the "ample rhetorical gifts" of his opponent. Why do Republicans always brag like they have the "no-braer" answer to everythg and their opponent is such a terrible dunce, and then before they face off it's the old "lower " game .so predictable

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