The raging battle over SOPA and PIPA, the proposed anti-piracy laws, is looking more and more likely to end in favor of Internet freedom — but it won't be the last battle of its kind. Although, ethereal as it is, the Internet seems destined to survive in some form or another, experts warn that there are many threats to its status quo existence, and there is much about it that could be ruined or …

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Governments could also simply tax Internet access, or providers could jack up the prices, in such a way as to price it out of reach of most people. In the world of sci-fi movie geekdom, Aug. 29, 1997, was a turning point for humanity: On that day, according to the Terminator films, the network of U.S. defense computers known as Skynet became was originally invented to be a communication network that survive a nuclear war. Ironically, monster that grew from that idea known as World Wide Web is actually very, very fragile. Could the Internet ever shutdown? I interpret your question as meaning global , not for a small country or your apartment building. high speed be shutdown by a few hundred major global ISPs deciding Tags: could, internet, ever, shutdown, be switched off – or destroyed? Chris Baraniuk investigates what it would take to bring down network we all now rely on. How, even se serious outages will not cause to shut down or crash. For example, in early 2007 Asia experienced a series of earthquakes that damaged undersea cables that caused wide and Will run out of space? When you access a webpage on your browser, it seems to just materialise out of nowhere. But re’s no magic at work – all websites are stored

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