Columbia, South Carolina (Reuters) – Humbled by a stunning loss in South Carolina, Mitt Romney said on Sunday he would release this week the tax returns demanded by rivals as he bids to regain the upper hand in the volatile Republican presidential race. Romney, the longtime front-runner in the Republican race and one of the wealthiest presidential candidates in history, lost to a resurgent Newt Gingrich in the conservative Southern state on Saturday after stumbling badly in debates with clumsy responses to demands that he disclose his tax history. …

Quoted from Romney to right tax "mistake" after primary loss on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

e Wilcken Romney (July 8, 1907 – July 26, 1995) was an American businessman and Republican Party politician. He was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962, the 43rd Governor of Unrelated image of Mitt Romney holding Dino Flintstone via Rick Friedman/Corbis During the GOP debate last night in South Carolina, Mitt Romney was asked yet again if he intended to make his tax Additionally, according 2008 data from the nonpartisan Foundation, eight of the p 10 states with the lowest income liability are Republican-leaning states. Mitt Romney’s statement on Charlottesville Mitt talks supporters in Orem, Utah, in June 2018. The US Senate candidate in Utah released a lengthy statement on the eve of the anniversary of the Unite the rally in Tags: mitt, romneys, statement, charlottesville, Quotes "Buenos dias!" -- Mitt 's regular greeting the illegal Guatemalan immigrants who work on his lawn "Aw, geez." -- a reporter who asked him about the lawn workers. Mitt through the years. Mitt will formally accept the GOP nomination for president on Thursday. Here's a look at his life and career. Mr. Hatch, the longest-serving Senate Republican, announced that he would retire at the end of the year, clearing a path for Mitt run.

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