PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Singer Nancy Sinatra may have had boots made for walking, but she never attended Pottstown Middle School. Starting Monday the Philadelphia suburban district is banning the wearing of fuzzy open-top boots, including the popular Ugg brand, to middle school classes because students have been stashing cell phones in the loose footwear, according to district director of community relations John Armato. “Cell phones are a problem for obvious reasons,” Armato said. …

Quoted from School bans fuzzy boots used to hide cell phones on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Ethiopian migrant brings Italian hills alive with the sound of goats. Agitu Idea Gudeta has built up a thriving business in her adopted Italy making goat's Administrators at a Pennsylvania middle school issued the fuzzy boot rule after they caught one too many students hiding cell phones in them. (TELEGRAPH) — Pottstown Middle , a in Pennsylvania, is banning the wearing of open-top , including Uggs, because students have Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Ugg In an effort to curb cell phone usage during classes, Pottstown Middle will require students to leave their beloved at the Tags: pennsylvania, middle, school, bans, The Daily Mail is reporting on a crackdown by a failing Croydon that has been put into special measures that will mean mobiles and fizzy drinks are Say what you will about UGG (warm, , cruel, unflattering, so 2003, etc.), they're not the biggest problem in education today. But a Pennsylvania A in the US has banned Ugg after it was discovered that students were hiding mobile phones in them.

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