Russia's new Internet-savvy opposition is going online to protest and monitor the presidential elections on March 4, bringing its iPhones and Twitter into the fray against Vladimir Putin.

Quoted from Internet: Russia's new anti-Putin weapon on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

The week began with dragon’s breath. After a major breach in its firewall, a scrappy security team in the north engaged in an epic battle to rid its system of an infected payload that kept How Russia wants to control the internet Jump to media player Critics say the Russian government's latest controversial cyber laws are a form of censorship. The status quo of the Internet, and particularly the prominence of U.S. and other Western stakeholders, is an obstacle to Russia and China's desired change in Internet governance, but the countries' common network security policies Russia Considers Briefly Disconnecting From Russia is considering a brief hiatus from the global Internet as part of efforts to increase its digital defenses, according to the BBC. A test related to a draft law aimed at making Russia more Tags: russia, considers, briefly, disconnecting, Russian lawmakers backed tighter internet controls on Tuesday to defend against foreign meddling — draft legislation that critics warn could disrupt Russia's internet and be used to stifle dissent. Thousands of people in Russia have protested against plans to introduce tighter restrictions on the internet. A mass rally in Moscow and similar demonstrations in two other cities were called 02/15/2019. Authorities and major internet providers in Russia intend to disconnect the country from the internet as part of a planned experiment purportedly aimed at enhancing national security, the Russian s agency RosBiznesKonsalting has reported.

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