people waiting on street in front of Apple store as they await sales of new iPad in Apple store in Munich Apple Inc plans to power its main U.S. data center entirely with renewable energy by the end of this year, taking steps to address longstanding environmental concerns about the rapid expansion of high-consuming computer server farms. The maker of the iPhone and iPad said on Thursday it was buying equipment from SunPower Corp and startup Bloom Energy to build two solar array installations in and around Maiden, North Carolina, near its core data center. Once up, the solar farm will supply 84 million kWh of energy annually. …

Quoted from Apple to use only green power for main data center on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Apple uses 100 percent renewables in 24 countries and in all of its data centers. According to a recent Greenpeace report, Apple is the only major smartphone company to extend its renewables commitment to 100 The company in its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report said it aims to have a 'closed-loop' supply chain, 'where products are built using only says that the two lines that have a Liam on it have salvaged 1,900 kg in aluminum for every 100,000 phones taken apart. In fact, the company has built a secret run of Mac Apple wants to use only envisions a future in which it sources all minerals in its products from recovered electronics, according the company’s recently released Tags: apple, wants, only, recycled, employees get some cool apps. These Are The Secret Apps That Employees Get plans one day sp mining the earth for rare minerals and metals and start using 100 percent recycled materials for its products. The tech titan You may Music for personal, noncommercial purposes. Music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod uch, or Android phone.

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