NATO protestors form a sit-in in response to a police barricade of bicycles, Saturday, May 19, 2012, in Chicago. Security has been high throughout the city in preparation for the NATO summit, where delegations from about 60 countries will discuss the war in Afghanistan and European missile defense. Protesters gathering in Chicago for the NATO summit were gearing up for their largest demonstration Sunday, when thousands are expected to march from a downtown park to the lakeside convention center where President Barack Obama and dozens of other world leaders will meet.

Quoted from Protesters prepare for larger NATO demonstration on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Kiev, Ukraine (CNN)-- Just before midnight Wednesday, Ukraine's president declared a truce in his tumultuous nation, as well as the start of CANNON BALL, N.D. (Reuters) - A Sioux tribal council on Saturday formally asked hundreds of protesters to clear out of three camps near its North Dakota Violent anti-Trump clash with cops in Portland as thousands take to the streets across the country 'Not My President Day' demonstrations Euromaidan - Wikipedia Euromaidan (/ ˌ jʊər ə ˌ m aɪ ˈ d ɑː n, ˌ jʊər oʊ-/; Ukrainian: , Russian: , Yevromaidan, literally Tags: euromaidan, wikipedia, set a 'thief' ablaze in Venezuela as violent demonstrations against the president continue with hundreds injured after pro-government gunmen Kids learn about the Geography of France. The history, capital, flag, climate, terrain, people, economy, and population. According to the Outline’s Will Turton, at least two female marching with the Democratic Socialists of America were hit by the car and injured.

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