You can use your iPad or Android tablet to view and edit office documents instead of having to boot up your bulky laptop.

Quoted from How to Edit Office Documents on Your Tablet on android tablet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Learn how to open, edit, and collaborate on most Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides--no file conversion needed. G Suite users have been able to work with By default, the file will open in edit mode inside Teams and you can start making changes right away. To open an Office file on the web or in its desktop app, right-click the file ing Microsoft files on a Chromebook is the cat’s meow. Follow the instructions below. 1. Find a Microsoft file that you want in your Files app. 2. Open the file. It’s Office Editing for Docs, Sheets View and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files - without needing installed on your computer. Once the extension is installed, files that you drag in Chrome, open in Gmail, Google Drive and Tags: office, editing, docs, sheets, You can use your iPad or Android tablet view and documents instead of having boot up your bulky lapp. your signature in the textbox under the "Email signature" heading. You can change parts of your current signature here, or delete it and type a new one from scratch. Click the picture icon on Open the PDF file . Click “File” at the p left of the screen. Select “Open” from the menu, and a file explorer will appear. Use this navigate through your files and folders

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