Jam-packed 10.1-inch model has more memory, and a lower price, than Apple's third-generation iPad.

Quoted from Acer Takes on Apple With High-Res Iconia Tab A700 Android Tablet on android tablet – Yahoo! News Search Results

But Apple may not be the only kid on the high pixel density block for much longer. Acer plans to include retinal-class displays in several laptop models, including at least one Ultrabook, by late Calling a new Android tablet a potential iPad killer is a cliche. But make no mistake: Acer's Iconia Tab A700 has its sights set on doing just that thanks to an impressive list of specifications The Aspire S 13 is ’s take ’s MacBook Air with almost half the price. LaptopMedia.com Highlights The Aspire S 13 is 's take 's MacBook Air with almost half the price. From: Acer oder Apple - Gutefrage Es kommt ganz auf die Anwendung an. Willst du spielen, nimm den , willst du einen zuverlässigen Begleiter für alle Office-Angelegenheiten oder für Musik/Video-Produkti, nimm den ! Tags: acer, oder, apple, gutefrage, The first Chrome OS tablet knows exactly what it wants to do: Take the iPad. ’s Chromebook Tab 10 D651N challenges ’s lg-popular tablet in the educati market nearly feature for

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