# androidapps With the Nexus 7 now available, Android tablets are no longer poor iPad copycats. They're real, banging for your buck affordable and most importantly, really good. But to make it even better, you'll need to get some apps. Here are the best Android tablet apps. More »

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There are other options out there with Windows 10 tablets such as the Surface Pro - but tablets running Android remain the main rival to the iOS 11-toting New iPad, iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro Looking for a tablet that will be used primarily for media consumption? Android offers the most flexibility in hardware choices. Here's what to look for in This is Samsung's -ever , and a single device that can do it all. It's built extremely well, with a metal frame and glass back that looks great and feels worthy of price. It Top 10: The Best Android You are looking for s in 2018? I review all new devices and here I list ten ones available in every price class. Tags: best, android, tablets, 2018, ’s operating system is -based (Fire OS) and runs smoothly. Amazon Fire HD 8 ’s battery life beats out all of our picks, and it offers more parental controls making it a great Is re a single out re? No way! Here's our list of s that you can currently buy in 2018. Read full reviews and shop for for kids, gamers, battery life and more.

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