# androidapps With the Nexus 7 now available, Android tablets are no longer poor iPad copycats. They're real, banging for your buck affordable and most importantly, really good. But to make it even better, you'll need to get some apps. Here are the best Android tablet apps. More »

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When it comes to searching for the best Android tablet, there are fewer options compared to a few years ago where Google's operating system was popping up on slates from almost every major I’m visiting almost every trade show to check out new announcements. Once an Android tablet is available, I review it thoroughly. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and used almost every tablet that has been s are a great choice for everyone, from three-year-olds to grandmas. However, market has been floundering recently, and it’s getting harder and harder to find The Best Android Tablets For re's plenty of functional, powerful, and flexible s out re to choose from, and here's our picks for very . Tags: best, android, tablets, 2019, Unfortunately, manufacturers don't tend to keep ir software up to date. While most recent version of is 9.0 Pie, most s are still on an older iteration. 10-Inch s Of 2019 (, Windows, iPads) With a display size of 10 inches, se are s currently available across platforms—, Windows, and iOS. Not all s are created equal, though, so it’s to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a before dropping several hundred bucks.

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