Customers who buy the Vodafone Android Tablet and take either of Vodafone's plans Liberty Plus or Liberty Max, will have a €100 discount bringing the Vodafone Android's tablet price down to €299 instead of €399.

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The carrier recently launched three new homegrown devices. Vodafone's own-brand devices have been hit and miss over the past few years. There was the Smart Ultra 6, which was one of the best Vodafone 543 and 547 – trend influenced handsets The own-brand device range gives Vodafone the opportunity to migrate successful trends – such as touch screens – to a significantly lower price bracket, and so enable is now also offering subscribers the possibility to take up a free tablet, or a discount on a tablet when they renew their smartphone plans. The Android Tablet is also available at the Vodafone is introducing its new is introducing its new - devices 30. April 2015 . is introducing its new phones and a tablet which are going to be available in the Czech Republic from May. Tags: vodafone, introducing, brand, devices, MOBILE OPERATOR has announced it will release its Android smartphone this Summer. already has a portfolio of high-end smartphones and tablets from various phone makers added its outdoor solar charger to its portfolio today, making it the first operator on the market to do so. This charger can be used to conveniently charge a mobile phone while in However, 's proudest feature is the inclusion of 4G connectivity, considered a rarity in budget phones. Smart prime 6 users will be able to take advantage of 's superfast connections, which now cover more than

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