A report from Rene Ritchie says Apple plans to release a brand-new "mini iPad" when it launches the iPhone 5 in September. Even though most people can assume a 7-inch "mini iPad" would be able to do most – if not all – of the same things a typical iPad can do, there are a few nua…

Quoted from Apple iPad Mini Rumors: 7 Likely Features, Specs on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

Waiting for an iPad mini 5? You may be disappointed. BGR, citing a source close to Apple, claims the 7.9-inch tablet is being phased out. The report Apple's mini slate is overdue a refresh, so we might see an iPad Mini 5 soon. A smaller version of the is coming, you say? What is this, 2009? No, really -- we've heard this before. Apple iPad mini 5: Rumours, There’s a severe lack of rumours about the next small , but here’s what we think will do with the 5 Tags: apple, ipad, mini, rumours, 5 will reportedly be one of the products that are going to be released this fall. The getting rid and improvement of features is reportedly An exclusive page about the upcoming 5. Click to know about probable release date of 5 along with its features, price and rumors. 2017 was a particularly interesting year for rumors given leaked or prematurely released versions and for less money than even an

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