Samsung’s new iPad rival, the Galaxy Note 10.1, is loaded with features, but not all are well-organized or practical.

Quoted from Samsung’s Rival for the iPad Loads on the Features on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

With reports coming in that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is prone to burn-in problems, we wanted to outline how big the issue is and whether it should concern you. Upday's advantage is no fake news, and no ad-blocking. Upday, a news-headlines app that learns what you want to read, is Samsung's new LG is in a tight spot. Not only does it have to prove itself after that lukewarm reception of last year's modular-like G5, but its biggest Samsung Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is Some said it couldn't be done, but Samsung somehow managed to dust itself off and emerge relatively unscad from unmitigated disaster that Tags: samsungs, galaxy, note, already, Samsung Galaxy S9: What you need to know about iPhone X’s future Main TSMC is expected to offer 7-nanometer process earlier and reportedly clinched Qualcomm's next-generation chips that will use process original Samsung Galaxy S7 review, published in March 2016 and updated since n, follows. ultimate way to test a new phone? Travel

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