So you just bought a Nexus 7 tablet and you want to know what to do with this cheap but good Android tablet. Here's a short list of the things you can do first to help get the most out of your new toy.

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What should you do the minute you complete setup on your LG G5? We have 10 things in mind, like toss in an SD card, setup fingerprints, disable We'll have Pixel 2 tips and tricks shortly, but before that we want to give you the first 10 things you should do. You just got a new PC game! Hoo buddy, you are excited. You’ve been looking forward this one for years. You load it up and… oh, hell. Retiring Soon? 10 Things to Consider these questions and -dos before you retire make sure you are ready. Tags: retiring, soon, things, consider, Windows users, it's time breathe a collective sigh of relief. After what seemed like an eternity trapped in the clutches of Windows 8 Getting ready for Windows 7 may seem like a Herculean job—but there are plenty of ways maximize the OS’s new features while minimizing With some preparation, you can turn an employee's day anxiety in genuine excitement. Here are onboarding tips prepare a great day one at work.

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  1. My mid9000 android tablet has a crack in the screen and now isn’t functioning properly. I got it about six months ago. Can it be repaired?

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