The iPad will prove to be the most disruptive consumer product, ever, since the iPod.  (Note:  Both created by Apple.)  The iPad is not just a mere a stop along the spectrum between smartphone and laptop.  Rather, its particular combination of features – screen size, mobility, portability of the form factor, and Internet connectivity – propels the iPad in use cases, beyond any product previously …

Quoted from Apple: Eight Reasons Why the iPad Will Dominate the Tablet Category on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

Apple Inc. [ˈæpəlˌɪŋk] ist ein US-amerikanisches Technologieunternehmen mit Sitz im kalifornischen Cupertino, das Computer, Smartphones und Unterhaltungselektronik sowie Betriebssysteme und Anwendungssoftware entwickelt und vertreibt. Studies show that ACV may have wonderful health properties that can help you slim down. Here's how apple cider vinegar weight loss works. Over 250,000 people have signed a petition pleading Apple to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7 - so is it planning to scrap it? 10 Real-Life Reasons Why the There’s been a lot more talk in the mainstream recently about “caveman” diets and barefoot training. Primal/Paleo/Evo seems to be gaining in popularity and may be nearing the critical mass needed to garner mainstream appreciation. Tags: real, life, reasons, primal, I think it goes beyond calories in/ calories out. Some foods are simply more “fattening” that other on a calorie per calorie basis. 100 calories of broccoli will not have the same metabolic effects as The novelty of Apple TV’s take on gaming could wear off over time, and I personally often find myself wishing I could wrestle the family TV back more often for some ‘proper’ games. It’s not such a stretch. Apple has done it many times before with other products (Apple II, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and now, maybe, the iWatch).

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