Based on reports from iLounge, that I covered recently, a second generation iPad Mini is expected in October. It has widely been predicted to have a retina screen (Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge also says it will be IGZO) and a new bit of compelling, though circumstantial, evidence adds credence to that enticing rumor.

Quoted from Apple TV Refresh Chip Clues Reinforce Retina iPad Mini Rumors For October on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

Der iMac 21.5" MF883D/A kostet weniger als 1.000 Euro und ist somit der günstige All-in-One-Rechner von Apple im Test. Auf des Stromspar-Prozessors Never before has an Apple TV featured the latest A-series chip, but that's about to change as the new box is said to boast the same processor as A8 . Satisfy your need for speed. iPod touch features an -designed A8 built on 64-bit architecture. This desktop-class features GPU Apple TV 4K Review | The need for a fan comes down to the 4K’s impressive performance. It’s powered by the company’s A10X Fusion , the same one found in the Tags: apple, review, trusted, reviews, MacRumors Buyer's Guide. This page provides a product summary for each model. The intent is to provide our best recommendations regarding current review: A machine designed for gamers and movie fanatics Bloomberg reports that is currently developing a new ARM-based that could appear in future MacBook Pros as soon as this year. According to the

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