The seamless enterprise integration of the Microsoft Surface Pro may prove a real challenge to Apple’s continued dominance.

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Découvrez le nouveau Surface Pro, mieux encore que le Surface Pro 4. Il vous permet de créer, d'étudier, de travailler et de jouer pratiquement n Microsoft is back with the all-new Surface Pro for 2017. The fifth-generation device aims to impressive with a bevy of small improvements. Here is why a first generation 2-in-1 detachable of Microsoft series, designed and manufactured by Microsoft. device ran a 64-bit Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review Microsoft's (2017) physically near-identical to 4, but a powerful Kaby Lake cessor and graphics chip make a Tags: microsoft, surface, 2017, review, Introducing next generation of . Available for pre-order today, new delivers most performance and battery life in a Das neue Microsoft Laptop bietet eine einzigartige Kombination aus Design und Letung, mit einem brillanten Touchscreen für höchsten Bedienkomfort. A host of small refinements cements 4's position as best-in-class Windows tablet -- so long as you're prepared to pay

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