Businesses with large iPad deployments have a new problem on their hands – with such a portable device comes the relatively high damage rates, with broken screens being the most common. A new rugged iPad case addresses this problem and then some – iGear’s Tough Case features a multi-layer construction that’s supremely shock absorbent, with a clear lens that protect’s the iPads’ glass screen, and …

Quoted from Rugged iPad Case Prevents Damage and Adds Branding Option for Businesses on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 07, 2013. According to an article published on Billings Gazette – "About 5 percent of the iPads purchased for school students and staffers in Powell Wyoming have had to be repaired MobileDemand’s rugged iPad ® case is proven rugged, easy to hold, mountable, and ready for add-ons for business or education users. Turn your iPad into a store by easily adding PCI-compliant POS magnetic strip readers Thick, Sturdy Handle. Perfect for small hands, it makes carrying the easier to prevent drops in the first place. It also doubles as a two-position stand for upright or low angle modes to optimize Best Rugged Case for the Poetic Revolution Pro 10.5 Cover With Hybrid Heavy Duty Protection and Built-In Screen Protector and KickStand for Apple Pro 10.5 Black Tags: best, rugged, case, ipad, Buddy Antibacterial Kids Play for 5 & 6 The Pure Sense Buddy is designed for kids. Using SteriTouch antimicrobial technology, the not only fungal growth but also has the s are both expensive and fragile, so we look at the best , tough, and waterproof s and covers, which will keep your safe from damage – some of these are even military tested. Protect your 10.5" Model by utilizing this protective bundle with rubber bumpers. Comes with 10.5" tablet, handstrap, brief handle, lightning connector port cover, and screen protector.

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