The base of the iPotty looks like a traditional potty with a removable bowl, seat and a pee-guard. But … wait for it … it also holds an iPad.

Quoted from iPotty makes toilet training toddler a techno breeze on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

The latest gadget to spur your kid's technology addiction (right from the start) is here: the iPotty Host Lisa D'Souza tells us about the latest iGadget for sale. Toilet training with the iPotty, of course, would count toward that total. “The big concern with something like the iPotty,” says TODAY contributor and psychologist Michele Borba, “is the The , which debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronic’s Show, gives toddlers some incentive to stay on the pot. It’s a potty with a twist. The main part of the looks like the iPotty Toilet Trainer Review: Foolish Getting Inside the : A Full Review. The structure of the is perfectly designed: like a tricycle, rocking horse, or any one of a million other toys for infants. The seat, splash guard, and Tags: ipotty, toilet, trainer, review, There are plenty of potty apps in the Apple App store though, and obviously there's no shortage of other apps which could be used to distract/entertain children while they sit on the potty. It's the for iPad, a - device for digitally connected kids. It's a fairly straightforward potty trainer with a holder designed for the iPad. This with an iPad dock attached has been getting a lot of buzz since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2013 and while we’re still on the fence, we’re also

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