Samsung’s long awaited contender to the iPad mini, the Galaxy Note 8.0, is finally here, a powerful heavyweight packed into a discrete 8.3 × 5.4-inch glistening plastic package.

Quoted from Review: Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 takes Apple's iPad mini head on on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

Samsung's new Galaxy J7 Prime sports a metal body and a fingerprint scanner, and comes with some neat software features. Read our review. Rated: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review. But there are new players in town, including the Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Ionic, not to mention Polar and Garmin still pushing ahead at full throttle. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced the third generation of its popular M.2 NVMe SSDs. Again releasing a high-performing 970 PRO and a higher capacity 970 EVO. As with previous versions, the 970 is pushing performance Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review Editors' , December 9, 2016: The Samsung 7 is dead. After some handsets from both the initial run and from a second run of replacement phones caught fire, Samsung yanked it entirely. Tags: samsung, galaxy, note, review, Über anderthalb Jahre hat sich Samsung in Ermangelung echter Konkurrenz mit Nachfolgern für 960 Pro (Test) und 960 Evo (Test) Zeit gelassen, doch jetzt ist es so weit: Mit 970 Pro und 970 Evo The Good The Samsung S4 has Android 4.2.2, a fantastic camera, a powerful quad-core processor, and software solutions for just about every scenario -- including working as a TV/DVR remote. The Samsung 9 is here. It's big, bold, powerful, pricey, wields an S Pen and makes no apologies for its curvaceous and bodacious exterior.

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