Dish rolled out a sizable update for its Anywhere iPad app today, allowing on the go socialites to share viewing habits with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Less socially-connected couch potatoes will see new features as well, like the ability to remotely reset their receiver whenever they find themselves in a pinch. Version 4.0.3 also ushers in an updated DVR schedule that includes Skipped …

Quoted from Dish Anywhere for iPad updated with remote reset and Audio Only features on ipad 3 features – Yahoo! News Search Results

The DISH Anywhere App allows you to instantly watch thousands of movies and TV shows on your computer or mobile device - all for free! Television technology has its goods and bads. While it has advanced a tremendous amount since the old TVs and antennas, there are still some problems that we have to face. See a side by side comparison of Spectrum vs TV. See pros and cons of each, and make comparisons based on customer satisfaction, features, internet options and more. Watch your shows anywhere Watch tv episodes on iPhone PC Mac from ! Complete series, Thosaund of shows ad-free. Tags: watch, your, shows, anywhere, The product you love, unchanged. Using your Netflix services in a new way shouldn't require you to learn anything different. Thankfully, the Netflix app is similar to the online and on-screen Netflix service Network Review Network, or as it's known as, is the fastest growing satellite TV provider, and is ranked number one in customer satisfaction over all the major cable companies by the American If you want to experience IMAX at home, it's understood you need to be prepared to out from around half to a cool million dollars a proper setup.

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