With a host of improvements–faster graphics, 4G wireless options, a better camera, and a gorgeous high-res screen–the latest iPad cements its position at …

Quoted from Apple iPad Review – Watch CNET’s Video Review on Bing: ipad 3

Pro and Air 2 owners can skip this one, but for nearly everyone else, the updated iPad is an ideal all-around tablet at a fantastic price. Here's what you need to know about the new iPad: it is an iPad, and it is good. Apple has named it simply iPad but we have to refer to it as (2017) : not the most revolutionary update, but the new, cheaper continues to deliver a class-leading performance – read the Apple iPad (2017) Review - The combines long endurance, a fantastic screen and strong performance in the best tablet value on the market. Tags: apple, ipad, 2017, review, The is more affordable than ever. If you're looking for a basic tablet with a wealth of apps, it's a solid deal. (2017) : The 2017 has had a low key launch. However, despite the lack of a big launch event, the 2017 is a bit of a gem. With a killer $330 price, the 2017 is the everyman’s tablet. It's got great battery life, a solid processor, and plenty of memory.

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