Rumors about an iPad refresh in the works are floating around. What significance should we attach to them?        

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iPad Rumors - Get the latest iPad rumors about prices, features, updates and new products. Learn more about the newest iPad rumors now! WWDC 2018 has come and gone without any new hardware announcements. Still, features revealed about Apple's latest iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 12, give us tantalizing hints about the iPad(s) that are sure to About only consistent rumor about Apple's next refresh of its lineup is that 5 will take cues from Mini. For instance, most suggest that new The Latest iPad Rumors -- Apple's unit sales were down 14.2% in its third quarter from year-ago quarter. This is definitely an issue for shareholders, since revenue accounts for a meaningful 18% of company's total revenue. Tags: latest, ipad, rumors, motley, Ready for next ? It'll be Pro, likely in two sizes, according to Apple . This may not be a new model, but just a tweaked version of current model expected to sell at a lower price, with more advanced s and Pros (see below) filling out & Pro 3 : Release date, specs, and features! This article is continuously updated to include news and so

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