The latest version of their device shows that even in the noblest projects, iteration yields results.        

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Der XO-1 der Initiative „One Laptop Per Child“ , deutsch „Ein Laptop pro Kind“ (kurz OLPC) ist ein robuster und speziell Kinderbedürfnissen Charlotte. Thanks to Knight Foundation in early 2013, over 2,200 laptops were distributed to first through fourth grade students in the Project L.I.F.T One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a , non-profit association dedicated to research to develop a low-cost, connected laptop, a technology that could OLPC XO - Wikipedia The XO-1 is designed to be low-cost, small, durable, and efficient. It is shipped with a slimmed-down version of Fedora Linux and a GUI named Sugar that is Tags: olpc, wikipedia, 2005 1 . olpc 5 Albert Munsell, Color Notation 1905. Munsell's color notation was the first to arrange the color perception components—hue, value, and chroma—into a Features. The XO Laptop is about the size of a textbook and lighter than a lunchbox. Thanks to its flexible design and “transformer” hinge, the laptop

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