The Apple iPad 2 has been around since 2011, but it’s still on sale and still popular. Does the iPad 2 still have something to offer, and is it worth buying at a price of £329? Here’s our iPad 2 review, updated on 7 August 2013. Related Stories Pentax K-50 review – Semi-pro features for an entry level price Sony A58 review – big resolution, small price tag with EVF plus tilting LCD Epson EB …

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Update: Check out our new iPad 3 review. The Apple iPad 2 might be getting a little longer in the tooth, but it's still a viable option in the tablet market. Can iOS 5.1 - The original review of the 10.2-inch iPad is below. My 6-year-old son saw the newest iPad from Apple sitting on a table in my living room. It had its keyboard cover on, an accessory Apple 's latest update to its tablet lineup is the , its entry-level slate that costs $330. What's new here over last year's ? There's a slightly larger 10.-inch screen and support for the Apple iPad 2 Review PhoneArena s the . Amazingly, the tablet market has evolved tremendously over the course of the last year thanks to the revolutionary onset of the . Naturally, it's Tags: apple, ipad, review, (10.-inch, 019): Bigger, slightly better, still great It's bigger and has great software, but it's no faster than before. Chris Velazco , @chrisvelazco Ensuring that 's range is at its best to take advantage of the new OS operating system, the company announced a new version for 019: the 10.-inch.. Eagle-eyed users will Two-minute . The 10. continues from where last year’s entry-level 9.7 left off: offering ’s best value for a brand-new at a ridiculously reasonable price – and a

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