The Apple iPad 2 has been around since 2011, but it’s still on sale and still popular. Does the iPad 2 still have something to offer, and is it worth buying at a price of £329? Here’s our iPad 2 review, updated on 7 August 2013. Related Stories Pentax K-50 review – Semi-pro features for an entry level price Sony A58 review – big resolution, small price tag with EVF plus tilting LCD Epson EB …

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Apple’s new iPad for 2018, the 6th generation, is very good. It’s also the bare minimum Apple could do to update it. Should you get an iPad Update: Check out our new iPad 3 review. The Apple iPad 2 might be getting a little longer in the tooth, but it's still a viable option in the tablet market. : The second generation is a revision of the original, and it's a shame the screen hasn't been upgraded, but it's still incredibly quick Apple iPad 2 Review | We the which refines the formula set forth by the original with dual cameras, a faster processor and an even thinner profile. Tags: apple, ipad, review, digital, You have a comparatively ancient ($375 at Amazon) Discuss: (9.7-inch, 018) : The for everyone Sign in to comment. The clear standout in the ever-widening sea of tablets, the brings a slimmer design, faster processing, dual cameras, and FaceTime The new 9.7-inch provides plenty of power, long battery life and Pencil support, all for a fairly affordable price, even if this slate is not a

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