Android tablets are finally seeing an influx of high-quality, tablet-optimized apps, but it’s still a pain to find them. Until Google creates a separate section for tablet-optimized apps, here are the best ways to discover what’s out there.

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How to find your lost phone. Worried about misplacing your phone or (worse yet) having it stolen? Ease your fears and set up a tracking system before your worst case scenario strikes. How do you find your Android phone? Let us show you how. There are a handful of phone recovery or anti-theft apps on the Google Play Store which can be a lifesaver in case you phones and tablets aren’t all kept up--date with the current version of . It’s often helpful know which version of a specific phone or tablet is running so you can get help How to Find Your Phone This wiki teaches you the phone number that’s associated with your phone. Tags: find, your, phone, number, If you are having trouble with ing your device ID, there are a number of ways figure it out. There are several ways know your Device ID, This wiki teaches you the MAC Address on your phone or tablet. A MAC address, which stands for "Media Access Control," is a type of identification code assigned network connected It Works. Most lost-phone-tracking apps must be set up ahead of time. ever, there’s a reason Plan B works (if you have a Gingerbread device, at least).

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