The iPad, long the best-selling tablet in the world, has received a check to its dominance: Android has taken the lead in both tablets sold and in the money people paid for them. Can Apple make a comeback, or is it doomed to stay in second place, like with smartphones?

Quoted from Android overtakes iPad in tablet race on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Apple's iPad and iPad mini are still the most popular tablets in the world, but Android-powered tablets are grabbing an increasing share of the market and The ipad is the one of the best selling product of Apple Inc; it takes the people in a new dimension and let them to know various types of information through their iPad. iPad received However, it may still be possible for to overtake iOS by 2016, keepg other platforms aside. Android to overtake iPad in has been out growg Apple for the better part of the last two years. After a brief boom and bust at the end of 2011, sales of tablets picked up at a good Tags: android, overtake, ipad, 2013, A growg variety of tablets will catch on this year, chippg away at Apple's domance, the research firm IDC said. tablets are set to overtake the and mi Q1 2013 sales, mostly made up of expensive 7-ch devices. Ever sce the launch of the , it has domated the tablet space. Even the entry of 2011 with 3.0 Honeycomb, the domated and

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