iPad rumors Credit: Video screen grab New iPad rumors pertaining to the Apple‘s tablet release date and latest features have gone viral in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you currently own an iPad, will you be upgrading to the rumored iPad 5? To help you make a decision, you may want […]

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Apple's mini slate is overdue a refresh, so we might see an iPad Mini 5 soon. What's the rumored release date for the next iPad Pro? What spec speculation has there been? Will it have a new form and new features? Here's our roundup! The rumour mill has started turning for 2018. We look ahead to the next Pro models' price & specs New iPad Pro Release Date A new Pro has been heavily hinted to be coming during Apple’s annual WWDC event next month. It’s a new addition to the family that will fit right Tags: ipad, release, date, rumors, An exclusive page about the upcoming Mini 5. Click to know about probable date of Apple Mini 5 along with its features, price and rumors. What will the new mini 5 - or ' Pro mini' - look like, and when will it launch? We explore the clues about the next mini's new News of the Pro 2’s date is much-awaited as it has been over a year since Apple launched its predecessor in September 2015. Industry

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