Fresh doubts hit Europe’s Greek bailout offer

Fresh doubts hit Europe's Greek bailout offer

Fresh doubts emerged on Monday over the readiness and scale of a European financial rescue package for debt-stricken Greece, taking the shine off early enthusiasm seen in a rising euro.

The 4,500 kilometre oil pipeline from Nigeria to Europe, the Nigal (Nigeria-Algeria) project, threatens to lose its way in the desert. Asian stocks dropped on growing doubts that European leaders could come up with a convincing plan to resolve the eurozone’s debt crisis at a summit later in the day. European banking stocks were the worst performing sector as share indexes across the continent opened lower, following a poor session for U.S. banks. The two main European banking indices suffered the most, falling 1.1% and European Hit Radio, 104.3 FM, European Radio listeners past work days demanded the vote for five songs. European Radio Top 9 European Radio listeners past nine working days in the vote demanded songs. Tags: european, radio, riga, region, Euro MEPs are keen to see a roadmap that may offer some order to what appears, at present, to be a completely varied economic landscape, according to a draft report obtained by The Corner. The rupee a record-low 177.32 to the dollar last week, despite official measures to arrest its decline. The currency has shed more than 14 percent this year and Sri Lanka fears it could slide

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