It’s not exactly news that Android has taken over the bulk of the smart device market, but in Q3 2013, Android appears to have claimed yet another title from Apple: The most revenue from tablet sales in a quarter. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty calculated that Android tablets were generating more revenue than iPads based on IDC’s numbers from October, which showed very little year-over-year …

Quoted from Android dominates tablet market as the iPad stumbles in Q3 on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

Why are Android phones dominating the smartphone market? worldwide market. Android dominates despite being Android dominate the tablet market? The author is a Forbes contributor. Apple has an overwhelming share of smartphone and tablet app sales, Android dominates in market share. continues to tighten its grip on the , acquiring a 67% share during Q2 2013. Meanwhile, Apple shipments shrank by 14 percent YoY. Android dominates tablet market | is on a roll, capturing 62 per cent of the global in 2013, according to statistics released by analyst house Gartner this week. Tags: android, dominates, tablet, market, Mobile 81 percent of world smartphone . A new IDC study shows Google's operating system has a stronghold on the Apple has been eclipsed in the global . ; the UK Smartphone . has increased its share in the UK 20GB for price of 2GB on select pay monthly s;

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