It’s not exactly news that Android has taken over the bulk of the smart device market, but in Q3 2013, Android appears to have claimed yet another title from Apple: The most revenue from tablet sales in a quarter. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty calculated that Android tablets were generating more revenue than iPads based on IDC’s numbers from October, which showed very little year-over-year …

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But Android remains the dominant OS on a global scale, used by 75.9% of smartphones worldwide in November 2017, according to Newzoo. Android's larger global share is partially linked to its popularity in emerging economies, iPad dominates tablet market, but Android is closing fast. A new report from research firm Strategy Analytics finds Apple's iPad owns 58 percent of the tablet space, but Android devices now have In recent years, top makers such as Apple, Huawei, Amazon, and Microsoft have been looking for new power in the in order to use their advantages and gain share. Android dominates the tablet market, continues to tighten its grip on the , acquiring a 67% share during Q2 2013. Meanwhile, Apple shipments shrank by 14 percent YoY. Tags: android, dominates, tablet, market, Im Vergleich zum zweiten Quartal des Vorjahres konnten die -Beschicker ihren Marktanteil um 15,6 Prozentpunkte steigern und liegen nun bei satten 67 Prozent. Apple hat deutlich an Umsatz eingebüßt und konnte daher nur noch 28,3 We’ve been hearing for years now about how is destroying iOS in share. Ironically, though, Apple continues to make more money than all of the smartphone makers combined. Interessante Frage. Definiert man das jetzt als "Mehrheit" oder als "Primäres System"? wird sicher auch im -Markt bald auf mehr Geräten sein als iOS. So wie bei den Smartphones auch. Von einer Dominanz wird

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