A new tech-support scam could cheat Android smartphone and tablet users out of hundreds of dollars. The updated version of the scam was documented recently by Jérôme Segura, a senior security researcher with the anti-virus firm Malwarebytes. MORE: Do You Really Need a Third-Party Android Security App?

Quoted from Tech-Support Scam Targets Android Smartphone, Tablet Users on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

To launch the attack, the hackers were able to infiltrate and serve the malicious updates over Asus's own official servers at "liveupdate01s.asus.com," and "liveupdate01.asus.com." The number of Android users attacked by banking malware saw an alarming 300% increase in 2018, with 1.8 million of them being impacted by at least one such attack during the last year. As the name implies, the grandchild preys on the elderly, with the con artist calling the victim and posing as a grandchild who has fallen into a desperate situation like running out of money Facebook Messenger Bug May Have A vulnerability affecting Messenger.com may have exposed who you've been chatting with on that platform. The social network has already rolled out a fix. Tags: facebook, messenger, have, exposed, mers are everywhere, but in recent years they’ve found a new angle: exploiting ignorance about computer viruses. The “Microsoft tech support” catches people out every single day. A requesting a nominal fee of $82 in return for a supposed sum of $7.5 million. Whatever the subject, the email is requesting that you send a fee in advance before you can receive Consumer Alerts. Sign Up for District Attorney Consumer Alert Updates. s. If you believe you have been the victim of a , you should report the matter to the local law enforcement agency in your

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