Is your smart phone too small and lap top too big? Good news for you: technology companies are churning out more tablets than ever before with great prices to match. Check out this list of tablet deals.

Quoted from Samsung tablet for $50 and other tablet steals on android tablet – Yahoo News Search Results

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  1. I bought two Nobis NB7022 S tablets when they were on sale for $29.99 at Staples. This thing is horribly slow! I don’t understand why. I think it maybe an IO issue. Possibly writing multiple files simultaneously which is a common issue with cheap flash memory based devices.
    I’ve run a few benchmarks and it’s said the performance isn’t the slowest thing out there, but it’s not fast. It sure feels like the slowest thing out there. I also thought that I could just use it to stream music, but it isn’t fast enough to decode “Tidals” 96Khz Flac files and won’t work with my Fiio A07K USB DAC. (Yup, I threw some Mid/high-end audio stuff out there…)
    Stupid me bought 2 of these, but I don’t want to give the other one away because I don’t have any sworn enemies that I want to frustrate.
    One thing I have to say though, $30 for that much electronics is just amazing!

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